We create applications/games for pc and mobile devices.

Founded in 2016 by two brothers with a hunger for greatness and world domination ...just kidding :), We two shared a common passion for games, and only dreamed of being part of the industry, until we've got together and gave it a shot! Fortunately, we are still in the race and we're very optimistic about our future :). Enduring whatever comes our way, we will use all of our mental power to make games as great as we can. Currently we are making games for mobile platforms Android. They are fun games for relaxing after a stressful day, yet, sometimes they will challenge you to get high score or to beat the level. Although we are only an independent studio without significant financial support yet we are able to release complex and unique titles that win players hearts and prove that against the odds we can still attract a strong and loyal crowd in a very competitive gaming market. It was our deeply rooted passion for the imaginary worlds, tales and myths and heroic quests for glory that pushed us to release the very first game and explore the unknown. Now with a strong community of sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts we feel it is our duty to provide you with realms rich in creative content, challenging obstacles and rewarding quests. Take a look around, play our games, leave a comment and have fun

We make


We make 2D games for Android/IOS/Windows phones.We create high-detailed graphics applications with 50+FPS.If you want to play high-quality game on mobile with no-lag then play our games and enjoy your time.


3D applications are the most popular on mobiles. We create high-quality 3D games for mobile devices.With high-detailed graphics you will feel really entertaining while playing our games. There are some high-quality games but those are too much laggy to play but you can play our games on 60+FPS small devices too.


We create real-time multiplayer games for Android/IOS/Windows devices.Most of peoples really want to play with their friends and want to beat them not only in leaderboard but in gameplay too.Multiplayer applications are also very popular and soon we are going to release our first multiplayer app.(Coming soon)


Soon we are also going to make all type of pc games Action,Adventure,Strategy,Sport games.Pc games are really most popular in all over the world.We will provide high-quality in our games with very entertaining stories so stay tuned.(Coming Soon)


Arslan AliDesigner/Developer

Mansoor GullDesigner,Animator


We put accent on quality


2D applications are really popular all around the world, but their are few applications who got good quality to play. But peoples are already bored from them.But now we have already come with lot of entertaining 2D applications,JET COMMANDER is one of our first 2D application which is available now at google-playstore.Abslute high-quality application with really high-fps like 60+. If you havn't played Jet Commander go,play and review about quality.


As we know every person want to play 3D high-quality applications on their mobile devices,there are some applications with quality but they are too much laggy to play.But now you can play high-quality 3D applications on your mobile device, recently we have published our first high-quality 3D application on google-playstore.In our application you will get really high-quality maps,characters and lot of other stuff, (Thinking about lag?), then don't worry about it. We always develop high-quality applications with 60+FPS, with 60+FPS you can play as fast as like you are playing snake game on mobile devices.


We always develop high-quality applications,(if you have already played our games then you have no question about reading this, but if you havn't yet, go,play and add review on our applications about quality.